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Audio system controller coding direction and As Done project
Hello all,
I am just reading through some of the projects in this section and wanted to add that after season two of using this system, all has worked extremely well. The Bingo Mode has really been great...our Caller Vicky used to have a hard time shouting over the crowd. Now her voice carries so well when she talks others listen! The Callback mics work great as well, I do the callback when our regular Keith is away.
I left the controller plugged in all last winter ( it is on a separate 9 vdc wall wort) by accident, and it was still working this past spring when  I returned to check it. It did not even require a reset!
I did not add the BT module as planned for the system, but instead installed it at home. The range is poor as it is installed in a wall cavity in my kitchen. That is another project I can go into detail in another post.
The system is now shut down for the season, so I am working on other home projects to keep me occupied.
Bob D

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