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Brainy Bits Tutorials
Hi Guys,
I have been spending some time at this site
I don't know if you realize how much I struggle with coding. maybe if i would have started younger it may have developed as 2nd nature.
Even some basic changes to existing code can set me back for hours. I really enjoy the tutorials at Brainy Bits as they develop the concepts from basic to more advanced and include schematic, video and full code. He also walks through each line of code, which I have been finding a great help.
I just wanted to throw this out there as Brainy Bits is a Canadian company, and I do like to support Canadian business as much as my wallet will allow.They also carry motors, drivers, gears and belts + i think the pricing is reasonable.
I am working on coding a turntable for my Daughter as she is just getting started in Arduino.I want to get the hardware working and write some basic code, then work with her on setting up the IDE, running some example code with her. I know she only wants to experience what Arduino can do, but I am always eager to share my hobby with anyone who is interested.
Let me know if you have heard of the site or if you find it interesting.
Bob D
Looks like a nice site Bob. Saved it in my favorites. Thanks
Hey Bob you say you are having trouble with programming, I highly recommend you get this reference book for Java. It will tell you the syntax needed to do almost everything in Java.
Hi Darrin,
I wrote down the title. My daughters are always looking for hints at what I would like for birthday/ fathers day/ Christmas, and this looks like a great gift idea.
Thanks for the reference idea!
Bob D

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