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Ceiling LED Light with PIR Motion Sensor and Artificial Startup Flicker
Have a dark corner in the basement I needed lit, so retrofitted LED strip demo panel from my closed shop today. Originally this panel had 5x 40cm colored LED strips controlled by Arduino UNO PWM channels and N-channel MOSFET per each channel and was running in front of window with some pattern. If you remember, then I added adressable strips to the racks and this was rarely used as racks stole all attention.

Took off all color strips and swapped for cold white and doubled number of strips. Also added PIR sensor. Each 2 strips have their own control (have 5 channels), so I simulated startup flicker like on old fluorescent multi-tube fixture:

If anyone is interested, code is in attachment below. This was a quick hack, so it still has leftovers from my original LED strip demo panel. But not so bad light output for 14W Wink

In case you need help driving n-channel MOSFET, check this link. I used these MOSFETs, they are on that brown board.



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Very Nice Roman. Wish your video was longer then 5 seconds though.
Thanks Darrin. Next time I post in showcase, will make longer video Smile
Your light is cool Roman. There is so much you can do with those led strips, they are amazing.
How many Lumens would those Leds produce with the 14W of power?

Check this light out, if you have 4 old laptop screens. Looks like a window with sunlight coming in.
Hi guys,
Great post Roman and nice link Darrin to the laptop screen salvaged lighting.
Bob D
Glad you like the link Bob. Guess what. I have a friend that sells and fixes computers as a side job and he works at my casino. I asked him today if he had old laptops he wants to get rid of. He did, his wife wants to paint his office and she wants him to get rid of stuff. He gave me 5 old laptops. Says some might work but doesnt know if they do. Any way I have all those screens for that light but they are all different size screens. I will screw aorund with them see if I can make a light like that vid shows.
This guy here researched making his own DIY backlights:
Hi Darrin,
Be sure to post pictures of your progress.
It may entice me into trying one with an old laptop f my own.
Bob D
Sure thing Bob. I havnt dove into them yet.
Hi Darrin,
With your woodworking skills I am sure you will come up with a unique creation.
I had thought years ago of building a false skylight in my basement rec room...this would have been a great option.
Bob D

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