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CFL Grow light 92 watt 6400 lumen for $10
The reflector is a bakelite tray (Dolarama) with aluminum foil.

The grow-box is just a frame, it is not finished, but good enough to place the grow-tray and mount the light.

Distribution box is all made on table saw using the slotting trick I learned from Jon yesterday, thanks Smile

1/16 hardboard (HDF) is from some product packaging and fits into the slot made by table saw blade like a glow with slight resistance, so no need to clamp at all.

Bulbs are $3/2pk from Dolarama. You cannot get them anymore, now they have $3/ea, which is still good.

NOTES: Distribution box is shallow (shorter side of 2x4), next time make it at least same width as bulb sockets. Trapezoidal shape of distribution box is not needed, next time make it rectangular. Bakelite tray is hard to work with, next time just use 1/4 or 1/8 HDF, the inner walls of grow-box will be painted white or covered with reflective mylar so no need for curved reflectors

Seems this guy had the same idea with 4x 23W CFL:

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Id have to say Roman, from the beginning to the end. Wow.
Very, very professional. Well thought out.
How much where those light sockets?
I agree , looks great!
I am sure the seedlings are very happy as well Tongue 
Bob D
Thank you guys. The plants are happy, check the bottom pic.

The E27 bulb sockets were usd $0.70/ea. Also bought some from Lowes for something like $1/ea but they are way bulkier.

Few notes about woodworking and construction - I was little worried about driving drywall screws into 1/4in thick SPF panel but it works great when pre-drilled. No splitting at all while holding very tight. Also in second pic you can see that one screw is missing. I drilled the bakelite tray by hand not on drill-press and it must have slipped because the 4th hole misaligned. I wanted to get it done fast, my wife needed the light asap, so figured 3 screw is enough to hold 2lb light fixture. Also the mount is half assed, just two holes in reflector with steel wire loop.

Surprisingly, the aluminum foil reflects most of the heat, so the bakelite tray does not heat up that much even if bulbs are 1/4in from it. The steel holding loops are very close to the bulbs, but bakelite is defined to operate (not melt but operate) up to 121'C. PVC or other plastics would already soften up by now and tray would have dropped.

This is kitchen grade aluminum foil and you just touch it and it tears. I have seen real heavy duty Alcan aluminum foil in Costco, but could not justify $20 something for the roll. If anyone has it , can you let me see how thick it is ? They do not have it online and it did not say on the box.

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Hi Roman ,
Thanks for the follow up information with the project.
I have seen the thicker tin foil, but don't have access to any.
Bob D
I found some of that thick tin foil in the laptop I just hacked tn.

Roman that box you have growing you plants in gives me an idea to use my 3dprint box that I made for the same thing but for science experiments of plants growing in particular lights in a controlled environment. Not saying I would do that, but it is one use for the box.
Update: they are too big for the box now. Need to replant outside soon.

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Hi Roman,
You are right, it looks like it will be another week before we will have temperatures that can sustain growth though.
What are your plans in the mean time? keep watering and less light?
I am curious Undecided 
Bob D
Bob, these were grown from seeds and she planted multiples per slot. Some slots have several healthy plants that have already depleted nutrients and some spots have weaklings. The weaklings will most likely be discarded, healthy ones will be separated and replanted.
Hi Roman,
It is very nice to know that I can learn more than just Electronics here at NiagaraElectroHobby Smile
I like the variety of posts and look forward to visiting the site as much as I can.
Bob D

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