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Propane Tank Exchange Ripoff
They'd like you to think that, but you can buy and have threaded black steel pipe anywhere since its used for other things, and home hardware will sell plastic coated copper gas line to anyone. The only ones I have found to be dicks about it are mark's supply in the falls, and niagara plumbing (who are just dicks in general).
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Still did not buy a new bbq, but now I am thinking of Foreman grill instead. Or even Panini Grill. Our porch is small, so we will appreciate the extra space and having not to worry about gas tanks anymore. My wife is creature of habit and first rolled her eyes and argued, but when I explained running the extension cord will be less hassle than fiddling with gas tanks, easier to keep clean, she is seriously considering it. Soon I may have two full propane tanks coming up for sale.
My bbq burner totally disintegrated over the winter. A new one at least $50, + I would need extra parts too, to make it all nice. I just said screw it. cleaned BBQ out, put a big dollar store aluminum turkey tray in BBQ, drilled 2 air holes on top and now its a charcoal grill. Food tastes better on it too.
Went with Foreman Grill. Out of curiosity, did some math regarding energy efficiency and cost:

20lb propane tank has approx 433kBTU (=126kWh). Making a dinner for 4 people with preheat on small 26kBTU propane BBQ grill takes approx 30min, so one 20lb tank is good for 17 dinners.

Dinner propane energy cost is 25.5kBTU or 7.5kWh or $1.47. Larger BTU bbq add up the numbers.

1150W Foreman Grill takes 4-5min to preheat and 10min to cook 2x 6oz patties well done, 5min for veggies total 30min.

Dinner electrical energy cost is 575Wh or 2kBTU or $0.12 (averaged $0.20/kWh)

Btw. cleaning the Foreman Grill is walk in the park comparing to sadistic cleaning of propane grill. Snap off plates and wash them in the sink with other dishes. The burgers don't need much attention during cooking, just set the timer and come back in 10minutes. Cooking on our propane BBQ requires almost constant attention. No burned grease, cooking is cleaner, one can literally do this in apartment.

Bye bye, propane exchange.
With the new power rates you should compare the cost of cooking lunch and supper.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Jon, with 0.6kWh per lunch/dinner the 2.1c/kWh on-peak increase is not quite relevant.

Here is some pics of the grill and cleaning process:



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I had 2 foreman grills now have 1. Never really use it. Not the same as grilling, more like frying. But it is convenient., but nice to have out side bbq with family.
(2016-05-03, 10:40 PM)darrin Wrote: I had 2 foreman grills now have 1.  Never really use it.  Not the same as grilling, more like frying.  But it is convenient., but nice to have out side bbq with family.

If food contains too much own oil, which has no way to escape, it may feel like fried, but this grill is slightly angled and excess oil from meat is channeled away. Tastes authentic to me although my daughter says she likes them better from propane grill.

Apparently most authentic taste is from charcoal grills, but also most carcinogenic. A friend, a cancer survivor, supported choice of Foreman grill. You give up bit on flamy-smokey taste and hopefully get to live bit longer without chemo Smile
Hi guys,
No mention of a beer in hand while grilling. I guess you could have 2 beer with the Foreman grill Roman and just wait for the timer to go off.
This could be an added benefit in itself.
Bob D
I didnt know charcoal worse for cancer. Roman. Meat in general bad for cancer. I do not grill often anyway. I should use foreman more often especially in winter.

And Bob, I always have a beer in hand. Smile

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