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The Goallight ...enhanced
Hello guys,
  I just finished a project for a friend at work. He wanted to add some flashing lights to his new Bar area in his Man Cave.
He had picked up 2 x 12 vac motorized incandescent red lights but had no control system.  
I suggested that he get one of the Goallight remote LED lights with horn sounds that I had seen at TSC in the past.
So now the fun part...making a 6 vdc battery operated device control the 12 vac lights.
It took some testing and the final design was as follows:
12 vac @ 20 VA plug in wall wort as power for all devices.
Fused input to protect devices and cabling.
Added a Bridge rectifier with 6 vdc regulator ( filters etc.) to power the Goallight and my additional electronics.
I paralleled  a pair of the LEDs in the Goallight to obtain a signal to know when it was activated.
I also had to use an opto-coupler as the LEDs were not at the same ground potential as the battery ground.
Because the device was re-trigger-able using the IR remote, I could not use straight timing to control the output.
I used a 556 timer as a re-trigger-able to maintain a steady "on" output as long as the Goallight is flashing.
The 556 output is connected to a 2N2222A transistor to a SSR ( 3 - 30 VDC trigger)
All is housed in a Legrand 2 gang wiremold box with access cover.
The plan is to have the 2 similar 12 vac lights on either side of the big screen attached to the ceiling.
The Goallight will also be ceiling mounted, but at the bar where he can celebrate when his team scores using the puck shaped IR remote control.
This was a nice distraction , but now it is time to get back to  the Biamp Audio controller for our Community Building Smile Note the Sparkfun Red Box in picture #2 ...just itching to be built into a 1 gang rack filler plate.
Bob D

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Wow Bob, very nice, to do all that so quickly. Your friend must be happy to have a custom light setup made for his bar.
I do not understand the use of a opto-coupler, and why the leds were not connected to the same ground potential?
Also where do you get those pcb's that are setup the same as a breadboard. Those would make soldering many projects easier for me.
Hi Darrin,
Opto-couplers are a great way to add isolation between an input signal and the output signal.
The LED input of the opto-coupler requires low current , so it can often times be installed in parallel with an existing LED indicator.

Goallight interface: In this case the LED's that rotate during the Goallight show are on 1/5 of the cycle which gives the effect that the lights are rotating in a circle. The LED's are multiplexed in some way with SMT transistors that sink instead of source. This was where the potential difference was that created an issue when i was doing testing. Add an opto-coupler and ground reference is no longer an issue.

Other uses:
I have also used opto-couplers in Aiphone intercoms to allow an output to be connected to camera matrix to call a PTZ camera to move to view the patron at the door station. Another example is to isolate inputs to a Crestron controller for card access equipment.

The PCB in the picture is from Creatron Electronics in Toronto.  see this link
Circuit Test  carries this board I like
I have boards from Dipmicro as well...I am sure you know where to look for these Wink
I have been "shopping around" for years, and have enough base stock to build most projects like this without having to place an order for parts.I keep a running list as I start to get low on parts and my 1st choice for many components is Dipmicro.
Bob D
Thanks Bob for the advice. You really know your stuff.
As for the PCB breadboards. I always buy dipmicro first, but I never seen any there. Ill have a look again then I will check circuittest.
Hi Darrin,
I just looked for the link on Dipmicro site and I don't see it for the boards I bought in the past? The spacing on the board had traces that were closer together and handy in some cases. I am sure Roman can point to the link if they are still available.
Bob D
Hi guys,
I was talking to my friend Jim that i made this for and he indicated that it is working well. A nice addition to his Man Cave and he is able to share it with his son in laws as they are into sports as well...but he gets to celebrate when his team scores! Get your own Man Cave and Goallight if you want to be heard!
Bob D
Bob, isn't it awesome when your project ends up being used for years instead of ending up in the drawer ...
Hi Roman,
I agree that it is a great feeling when you make something and years later it is still in use.
Adam's stair lights and audio system has been operational for a few years.
The audio controller for our Community building worked all last season with only an issue with a broken mic jack tab.
My stair and mini-bar lighting is working as designed with no issues.
I also built a "Nag eliminator" about 5 years ago, and it is still doing it's thing...I don't think I published that project here?
-I will have to dig up some pictures and do a write up.
Great to hear from you; are you looking to get together in the near future for a group meet up?
Bob D.

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