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Green LED car interior light
Hey Guys.  I finished making my LED car interior light with the 78L05 voltage regulator.  Works good so far after a week.
The green light looks cool in my truck. Its like the Borg lighting.

Here is original circuit I put in.  Since that pic, I added 1 more LED, and hooked up +,- wires with alligator clips.

[img][Image: IMG_20160407_143857.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: _DSC6807.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: _DSC6809.jpg][/img]
Hi Darren,
The light looks great; did you put a meter in line to confirm the actual current draw?
Looks like a good amount of light output as well.
Bob D
Thanks Bob. On BreadBoard with 15V dc adapter was drawing 17ma each Led. I did not test current in car.
I used 4 green super bright 15000mcd Leds.

I seen a black truck on way home today, with green lights coming out of its wheel wells. Looked really neat.
Darrin, a simple addition that looks quite nice.

Keep an eye on the regulator, 17mA * 3pcs * 9V drop = 459mW, it may get a bit warm.
Thanks Roman.

Thanks for the how to calculate power going through regulator. I actually have 4 Leds, so more power going through it.
Think maybe I need a heat sink?
The light is usually not on for long. But sometimes when you leave the door open for awhile it may be on long.
It has thermal shutoff, so you wont hurt it. Just make sure it's not too close to plastic parts that can melt and do notbe surprised if the light starts randomly cycling.

If that does not happen, do not worry about it.

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