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Electronics Workbench
After getting tired of moving all my components and tools around every time I wanted to work on electronics, I decided I needed to build a workbench.  The top part is bolted on so you can take it apart to move it.  Cost me about $125.  The light didn't cost me anything.

[img][Image: IMAG0422_1.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMAG0424_1.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMAG0428.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMAG0433.jpg][/img]
Nice job Darrin; looks like you are multi-talented with your woodworking skills too!
I recently moved up to an L shaped bench ...old kitchen cupboards and counter top.
This works much better than what I had been using for years. A 5' bench + the tops of the washer, dryer and the chest freezer.
My wife is happy now as laundry day was a pain when I was in the middle of something.
I will try to post a picture this weekend.
Thank you very much Bob, and welcome to the forum. Glad to see another member here.
I would love to see that pic of your bench.
Here are a few shots of the work bench. The custom pull out cabinet drawers make it quick to see and retrieve parts during breadboarding or assembly.  Note that shelf 2 in the cabinet drawers contain many parts purchased from Dipmicro. 
I also have an area that I will be using for doing cutting , drilling and filing .That is where I store more tools as well.
I do have my original 5' bench in the laundry room that get used from time to time. That is where my scope , freq counter, signal generator and more parts hang out. My wife will use this area for crafting at times, so it is handy to have the extra work area.

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Very, very nice Bob. You have lots of room to work and store tools. In the future I would like to have an indoor setup like that. Did you already have that kitchen counter and cabinets, or did you get it from somewhere else?
My son installs cabinets for a from time to time he finds some decent ones for me. 
I have some in the garage as well to keep things neat. 
Bob D

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