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Welcome to Windows 10
My wife came to her PC this morning and found welcome screen to Windows 10.

She never allowed this upgrade, there was a popup and she always declined. Since it was already there, I was curious what will happen next and pressed Next and was welcomed to new EULA that would probably take me whole day to read, obviously I declined and it started uninstalling Windows 10 back to Windows 7.

After she got her Windows 7 back I checked her update policy and it was Install updates automatically. I normally use Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them, but she must have left her PC in default. Microsoft claims Windows 10 is 3GB download but some people claim is 6GB, this may be a big deal for someone who is tethering his internet connection through the phone. We were in a situation couple times where we needed internet connection and ISP had indeterminate outage, so we tethered.

Not saying Windows 10 is bad, and I will probably upgrade our Windows 8.1 PCs because I despise Windows 8.1 for its crippled-ness and schizophrenia (half control panel is tablet style, second half desktop style), but do not see reason for upgrading from perfectly working Windows 7. Microsoft sells Windows 10 for US$119 / C$149 and company is not known for its charity, what are they trying to monetize by shoving this down my throat as update without my consent ?

Good reason for disabling automatic updates is situations when you know you need your PC and do not want it to start updating. Few months ago I had important appointment with my accountant and transfered my files to a laptop I was taking there, Murphys's law worked and laptop reset and started installing 66 updates which took good 20 minutes. This is uncancellable, your PC is basically hijacked from you when this happens. Good thing my accountant was understanding and had other things to take care of while I was waiting for my laptop becoming available to me. Imagine this happening during important public presentation.

I have seen the update policy being changed from my preferred let me choose to automatic by update itself so everytime I allow updates, I also check this policy afterward.

Microsoft has become too aggressive and arrogant and they act as if they own our PCs and everything on them. It would be interesting to estimate how many hours Microsoft users collectively waste by dealing with needless pseudo-maintenance and then collectively bill this back to Microsoft.
Every time I hear stuff like this I am thankful I made the switch away from that mess long ago.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Read in the news few days ago, Microsoft is being charged with dishonest behavior with the update. Article said, when a user was asked to upgrade to windows 10, windows would automatically do it, if the user clicked the X, close box button. When that button is ment to ignore message box.

I actually like windows 10, but started having problems with my computer latest updates. After last update my main computer doesnt work at all. After an update restarted my computer, my computer wouldn't turn on. It would make a series of beeps immediately after turning on, wouldn't even load the bios. I temporarily fixed this by unplugging my computer and pressing the power button to discharge the capacitors, then it would start. Now that doesnt even work, it just keeps beeping when turned on, cant do anything. Think it may be motherboard, think windows 10 is at fault for that. Now I can't do much without that computer. Wish I could sue for new motherboard.
One more thing came to my attention that may affect you.

A Czech lawyer says that legal analysis of the Windows 10 EULA wording agreement shows that everything created under Windows 10 is automatically licensed to Microsoft for their use. Windows users no longer have exclusive ownership of their intellectual property and data.

Now I wonder what can of worms gets opened when US Patent Office starts using Windows 10. Will that mean that every single patent filed from then on will be automatically licensed to Microsoft before it's even approved ?
Hi Roman,
I guess that any IoT products created using the Windows 10 OS will also be victim.
I will not be moving to W10.
Bob D

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