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Pick a place, nuclear blast yield and nuke it. Interesting options are "causalties" and "fallout"

For example, what are our chance of survival if electric grid is attacked by detonating Hiroshima's  "Little Boy" size 15kt at Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Station:

There is advanced options that allow options like show overpressure rings, 1-3rd degree burns rings, fireball ring, crater size, wind speed for fallout. There is a little flag on the map to simulate direction of wind.

It's interesting to simulate fallout, lethal dose of radiation is 1000mSv or 100 rads and it's accumulative (100 rads/hour x 1hr = rip). Looking at this simulation, my conclusion is that if this ever happens, run in right angle to wind direction, away from the blast (there is two right angle directions). At 15mph the 10rad/hr can go all the way to Hamilton but its a narow 2-5km wide zone, so fastest escape from this zone is right angle to wind direction.
Very interesting Roman. I fooled around with this a little. Will do a simulation tn when I get home for work. I tried 1 and 10 MT blast in niagara falls. Says 1 MT is the largest in USA stock, doesnt say what Russia's is. I assume it would be at least 10MT. I would say a surface blast for sure in NIagara Falls to destroy power generation, probably followed by air blasts.
Darrin, if it's 10MT, there is nothing to worry about. It will be so quick, we will stop existing within milliseconds. 3rd degree burns will have 50% probability even in Port Colborne. 15mph wind fallout will reach 900km.

The wind here is mostly from west to east, so fallout from 10MT here would take out entire southern Ontario and half of Michigan.
If all out war whole world dead, unless you can survive in the north in a bunker for 10 years, cause all the smoke would block out the sun for many years causeing freezing temperatures world wide.
I assume that will not happen, Russia or USA would not do that. They are not stupid. At most if things get rough a few nukes may go off in europe, russia and usa. Maybe usa missle defense is good to stop most.
Anyway did map, around Ontario, with possible targets in a limited war.

Best escape route is around hamilton, up towards Sudbury, and further North or around Timmins or Thunderbay. Hope you have your bunker already made.
Quote:Hope you have your bunker already made.

Bunker? I gurgle with uranium water every morning like мамочка tought me. We camp in Chernobyl every year to toughen up rebyata and inhale asbestos dust to get fireproof. Dedushka almost got fully fireproof but then suddenly died of lung cancer, nobody knows why.
lol Roman. Good you are creating a new generation of nuclear radiation proof people. Now nuclear war will be obsolete.

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