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Production Programming of Arduinos and Compatibles
When doing a production, you may want to optimize steps to save time. This command line batch script (Windows) calls avrdude binary that comes with Arduino. Linux folks should be able to easily modify it for Linux.

It allows flashing boot code, user code or both in single step. Script loops forever and provides audible notification on successful flash, so you can move on to next unit without needing to interact with PC.

As part of my ongoing QA strategy, my original problem, and why I wrote this script was that reprogramming bootloader on MEGA2560 boards from Arduino IDE takes about a minute and doing QA on 50 units was very boring and lengthy undertaking. With this script it takes under 5 seconds, so one person can test/flash 300+ duinos per hour while watching TV show.

Flashing bootloader for Arduino Nano takes about 2sec and flashing 6k firmware another 3sec. Flashing large user code via ASP is not faster than bootloading but there is benefit of single step as you only need to handle that unit once.

You will need to change the COM port. On my PC they always come up as COM3 on yours it may be something different.

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