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STM8 C++ Development Is Now Free
On March 16 ST Microelectronics made a deal with Cosmic, the company who makes embedded compilers, to release their STM8 compiler free of charge:

WTF is STM8 ?

Let's look at this image where Microchip bragged about their market share. As you see, STM made larger leap from 10th place in 2003 to 3rd in 2014. Freescale got purchased by NXP and Atmel was purchased by Microchip March 2016. This is newest market share article I found, it seems ST may be pushed to 4th place with their 11% market share when Microchip and Atmel combine their 10 + 6%.

ST claims in their press release that STM8 makes 40% of their microcontroller sales, meaning 4.4% of total world microcontroller market belongs to STM8, which will increase with release of free C++ compiler. STM8 may be one of largest single platforms by market share.

Price/Value Comparison of Atmel vs Microchip vs STM

Lets take ever popular ATMEGA328P for $1.76 @ 100. This is the heart of most popular Arduinos (UNO, Nano, etc)

Closest one from Microchip is PIC18F25J10, at $1.46 offers similar peripherals and performance. Microchip has strict worldwide pricing and this is IMO largest reason why most popular platform is AVR and not PIC. Atmel is selling their microcontrollers in China for much less than North America and popularity of Arduino is mainly in availability of cheap clones.

Now there is 32kB CPU for $1.15 @ 100 with DMA!, 12-bit 1Msps ADC, etc. Stepping debugger included with each evaluation board. So there is micro that offers more and better development tools for less. ST, just like Atmel, also sells their microcontrollers in China for less than here, so it cannot be surprising one can get microcontrollers or ST micro breakout board on Ebay for less than the microcontroller alone is sold for here.

Not promoting STM8, just saying keep your eyes open. This may be needed on your resume very soon.
Thanks for the heads up Roman.
I had never heard of Renesas before. I was surprised with a company so big I had not seen many, many instances of it in the past.
I will have to devote some time to learn more about it and the STM8.
Thanks Roman,
Bob D
Renesas Technology was established in 2003 as joint venture of Hitachi and Mitsubishi joined in 2010 by NEC Electronics.

The microcontroller market share is large because they are everywhere, in toasters, DVDs, harddrives, printers, but mainly cars. About 60 - 70% of chips used by Toyota and Nissan Motors are by Renesas (2012). I believe I seen them used in North America by Siemens subcontracting for GM, but there is a chance other large shops use them as well.

When someone gets to millions units per year volume, they call all major chip suppliers (including Renesas) and get a custom quote. The pricing offered is nothing like seen on DigiKey, with such volumes electronic companies are paying $2 for $25 processors. They also get their own customized revision and their own part number just like from OEM mfgs. You may not have encountered Renesas brand before, because their chips would be marked as EPSON, NEC, Siemens, Bosch, Toyota, etc.
That answers the question very thoroughly.
Thanks Roman,
Bob D

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