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Dont try telling craftsman the price
A craftwoman was selling handmade jewelry at the market.
Customer came in and said:
- You are selling these bracelets too expensive for $20, I know beads cost $2, clasp costs $2, pendant $3, wire $2, box $1. You should be selling this for $10
- Ok, said the craftwoman. Which one would you like, we can do some business.
Customer picked one bracelet and paid $10.
Craftwoman gave her nice box and collected $10.
Little bit later the lady came back and said
- But there is only beads, clasp, pendant and wire in this package.
- Dear, but this is what you asked for.
lol Roman. People do not like to pay for all the work crafts people put into stuff.
My wife told me that story, not sure if it's true or made up.

But this one is real. When I was a boy my dad used to fix TVs for friends and family and he usually asked for symbolic 50 crowns (say around $20 in todays money). He did not like fixing TVs, he was busy at work, and liked to work around the house on weekends and troubleshooting broken TV could take good couple hours, but he was just too nice to refuse people. Once an uncle argued: "but but that resistor you changed only costs 1 crown". And my dad told him: "here is an extra resistor for the next time your TV breaks, so you do not have to wait for me to come". From then on he only fixed TVs for grandparents and nobody else.
This is so true; so many don't realize the time and effort required to do crafts and repairs.
I too have not been able to capture enough return for all the effort i have put forth over the years.
I too try  to limit those that I help to people that I feel are deserving.
Bob D

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