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Omega 2 $5 IoT computer with WiFi and Linux
Hi guys,
Here is yet another board that may be useful. I only read about the Omega 2 briefly, but I thought I would pass the link along in case there is any interest.
There are 29 days left in the campaign and they have surpassed their KickStarter goal nearly 10 fold.
Bob D
Hard to tell there how much is real and how much is vapourware - specs seem just a bit too vague on some of the expanders to actually be real.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Bob, nice find !

This is second iteration of their real existing product:

Product is most likely real, but I think these projects are made for creating hype. Raspberry Pi Zero is unavailable to buy or only available in starter packs for $55 with about $5 worth of extra parts. C.H.I.P. for $9 has estimated shipping October 2016 and maximum 5 per customer. Great for one-two-off projects, but do not invest too much time coding a product around them.

Only Linux PC close to $10 that anyone can buy at quantity I know about is Orange Pi One. If you need WiFi, add $2 for Orange Pi Lite. Plus some $3 for shipping. Hardware compatible with Raspberry Pi 2, but CPU closer to Raspberry Pi 3, also faster DRAM.

If you just need your project on WiFi, NodeMCU is the way to go. It has plenty of power, lot of hardware libraries and needs only around 70mA.
Hi guys,
I appreciate the clarifications on these different boards.
I had my daughter pick me up a Pi 3 from Creatron and I will get it when I see her this weekend. I really want to try to use linux and I think the Pi might be a good start. I also think BT would be neat to learn how to use as well.
Bob D

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