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6000 watt 120/240 V ultimate inverter-chargecontroller
I found this amazing inverter/charge controller combo, if you want to power your whole house, this would be ideal.

Can accept in 60 Amps, 1500 Watts of input power.
Can take input power from many different sources, Solar panels, windmills, generators, etc.
Can properly charge many different types of batteries.
Can dish out up to 6000 Watts of 240V or 120V AC.
Can tolerate a 20 second surge of 18,000 watts for start ups of air conditioners and such.
Industrial shielded to protect circuitry from the elements, moisture, salt sand.
1 year warranty, after that they can fix at the factory or they will teach you how to fix it if you are tech savvy.

Thats what I can remember from watching the video, Im sure there is some specs I missed.
Anyway this sounds like an amazing thing in such a relatively small container.  I do not know how much it costs though.

Check it out.

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