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Check this energy storage device
Hi all,
I found this very interesting; note that it is being patented, so not much detail is revealed at this point.

A Lancaster engineering undergraduate has invented a new storage solution that could provide the missing-link needed for a renewable energy revolution.

I will be watching this to see where it goes, i am sure she will be bought out and the idea shelved if it is as good as it sounds.

Bob D
Thanks for the article Bob.
I read more about fly wheel energy storage here.

The principle sounds similar to the Bedini motor, I mentioned before.

I wonder if the fly wheel idea came from the Bedini motor??

Nasa got the flywheel to spin 60,000 rpm's and she got it to 140,000 rpm's. Nasa's was 250 lbs and was able to store 520 W hrs and could be charged or discharged at 1KWH. This doesn't sound like much even if doubled, especially for the weight. Also what about power loss to friction sitting doing nothing over time. How long can this thing hold a charge? Nasa put the rotor in a vacuum and levitated it with magnets to reduce friction.

Nice achievement anyway to double Nasa's efforts.
Amazing, thanks for bringing this up.

Here is a failed Kickstarter campaign for actual purchaseable implementation attemt:

This is their datasheet for a $6k 15kWh unit, which is a fully functional electrical grid system:

This killed them:
Heard about that tesla battery, thanks Roman for showing me what it does.
Hi Guys,
I find the topic of energy so interesting. I have been spending a great deal of time reading up on it since Darrin's post about the Bedini motor.
Bob D

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