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Jim Murray demo of motor and generator devices
Hi guys,
Have you seen this thread by Jim Murray?
I watched the entire thread, and it makes sense to explain more about what causes the losses and how to recover the losses.
Very interesting machines, and I like the explanation as he goes through each step.
What are your thoughts on his theory?
Bob D
Thanks Bob, my friday, tired from work, sat down had a beer and watched this vid.
These engineers who use Tesla's ideas must know something, they are obviously not dumb people who can build such machines.
At least this guy does not say he is getting free power, just higher efficiency from a motor, then was possible before.
As I am just a layman, I felt he did not prove to me exactly how much more efficiency he was getting. He stated these numbers and those numbers, but none of them told me exactly how much better his motors are.
Anyway, I am sure it is just my ignorance for lack of understanding.

Thanks Bob. I would like to see anything more he does in the future.
Hi Darren,
I looked a little deeper at his videos and he has been at this for a long time. Recovering the losses are what he seems to be focusing on and therefore increasing the overall motor efficiency. As you free power claims.
It is such a fascinating "field" to explore; there is so much to learn, explore and do our best to understand.
Bob D

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