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Arduino Nano compatible ARM Cortex M4
I was recently looking for a way to add more program memory to Arduino Nano (for a medium sized commercial project) and went through ideas like add cheap SPI EEPROM and interpreter VM with 3kB footprint and 75 kIPS. Unfortunately the VM supports 16-bit integers only out of the box, no structs, no floats. Second thought was ARM Cortex-M0 emulator that emulates 32-bit CPU at 200kIPS on 16MHz AVR, fits into ATTINY85 and 61 bytes of RAM with pre-fetch of code from SPI EEPROM into RAM (btw. emulating ARM on ATTINY ... is this awesome or what???? Same mad genius booted Linux on AVR)

Back to reality, why emulate Cortex on Nano when we can build ARM based Nano compatible. Perhaps someone already has that ...

ST has had Nucleo platform since I believe 2014, originally they made compatibles with UNO. Now they also have Nano and Mega compatibles in Nucleo platform called Nucleo-32 and Nucleo-144 (number of pins).

They are all priced the same $11 USD, the largest one has 64k RAM and 256k Flash

ST does not allow using these commercially but they give away gerber files and you are free to make your own.

80MHz / 100DMIPS Nano ultra-low power with floating point and DSP capabilities that runs at 9mA @ 80MHz and 1.8mA @ 16MHz and has many nifty features and costs only slightly more than Atmega328. Actually to be fair, lets compare apples to apples, the 32k version of chip costs less.

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