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Dashbot will change hands free forever
Hello all,
Check this out...I am sure this will be a big hit. Price is right and open source C.H.I.P. based.
Note that it is the C.H.I.P. group that created this product.
It is also hackable; so think of next generation home automation control that is cheap to work with as the front end speach recognition and filtering is already done. I think this may be my Christmas gift from the kids Big Grin 
[Image: f2152f1b884bd2e7fbd34e5bd27822b2_origina...e61cba790f]

Let me know what you think,
Bob D
Hi guys,
I just checked Kickstarter and they have reached their funding goal already with nearly 1,500 backers. I think this will explode with interest as it has a lot going for it. Price, function, ease of installation and hackability.
Watch the video if you get a chance as well, you can tell that they were surprised by the results of a particular search result.
What are your thoughts on hacking the voice command search function as this is open source and Linux based?
Bob D

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