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Small Portable Workbench with 5ft3 storage space US$75
Yesterday been to Walmart down on Military Rd to pickup a digital ceramic heater and found stack of these portable workbenches:

2.6 x 1.8' workspace
5.5 ft3 storage space
300lbs load capacity
seems casters have breaks and seems they are rotating too

To compare, Canadian Tire sells this in similar price range

Good for organization, did not get one but considering going back soon and picking one or two
Hi Roman,
One of my Techs has a similar unit. Great idea for a portable station.
Bob D
Just went down to Military Rd for lunch and stopped by Walmart to get one of these for $75 and they were marked down to $50. Nice!

My surprise was even bigger when it rang for $37 at the register, total $40 with NY tax. Would have bought second unit but second one would not fit in my car even with folded seats.

Customs guy could not believe it was such low price for such large toolbox/workbench. Jumped out of his booth and looked like he was getting ready to head down to get one for himself.
Installed it in the basement, little flimsy, but cannot complain. Good space-saver, could use the second one.
Hi Roman,
It is good to hear you got a great deal and you are happy with the product.
Bob D

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