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ODROID-XU4 - OctaCore 2GB RAM USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet
Need Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 ports on same SBC but none of the famous one offer USB 3.0. This will be for a NAS setup that's used only sporadically, so I do not want a full fledged PC due to idle power consumption and would like features that are not normally available in NAS-es. Also considered routers with USB3, but they are not that common and prices are several times of this SBC plus power consumption goes way higher.

Btw. this SBC uses same CPU that is used in Samsung Galaxy S5.

Peak power is less than 20W and idle power can be reduced to 1.8W:

Size : 82 x 58 x 22 mm approx.(including cooling fan)

[Image: 201606241810180839.jpg]
Hello Ariel,
  Looks like a great board to do the job with low power. Great to have you post in the forum as well.
I hope to hear more from you as it sounds like network is your interest and I could stand to learn more.
Bob D
Ordered XU4 last night together with their CloudShell enclosure. With priority shipping from AmeriDroid to my USA address the total came to USD $117.10

Already have 2.5" 4TB HDD that will be used in this enclosure. Btw these 4TB drives in Seagate USB 3.0 enclosure often go on sale, e.g. now Source has them for C$150. There are also 5TB 2.5" available, but they are double the price of 4TB.

This 14 x 10 x 5cm NAS is tiny enough to fire-protect and hide somewhere in the house so it wont get stolen in case of burglary.

The total cost of 4TB NAS is approx $230 or C$300. The XU4 should work at around 2-4W idle and some 15W when busy (about 2-4hrs a day) and ST4000LM016 is rated 5V/0.85A and XU4 so estimated average consumption of this 4TB NAS will be 4*20+(15+5*0.85)*4=157W/day (approx 4.7kWh/month, approx C$1/m). If the setup lasts 5yrs (optimistic), total cost of ownership will be C$6/m or C$1.50/TB/m. More realistic estimate is 2yrs, TCO = C$13.50/m or C$3.40/TB/m.

I measured the read performance 118MB/s over USB 3.0, other people who built this NAS have measured 90MB/s over LAN so in case of data recovery restoring full 4TB over LAN will take approx 13hrs, and over USB approx 9hrs so that is quite decent. Online backup services will take weeks to download and those few that offer Restore by Mail will take several days to receive your data by courier.

Will post when project is done.
Hi Roman,
I am always impressed with your ability to analyze all aspects and decide if something is worth the investment or not.
What is the one ( or a few) thing(s) that you take most pride in designing?
It would make a great thread as well here on the forum.
Bob D
Received it, unfortunately my XU4 board does not boot, tried several different brands of SD cards, downloaded different images and blue ALIVE LED never blinks Sad

The CloudShell enclosure looks very nice, once I get this working, it will be very cool little NAS server.
Shipped it back including my SD card and finally got a follow up that board is ok, but my SD card is not compatible and I have to purchase their media. So probably going for 8GB eMMC.

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