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Dual 2.5" to 3.5" SATA HDD RAID Enclosure
... or how to run a (family/company) datacenter without huge energy bill

This is interesting solution for small SFF PCs, which have only single 3.5" HDD bay. It combines two laptop drives to single desktop drive and hardware RAID0/1 (RAID0 adds multiple drives to single drive of combined capacity, RAID1 mirrors two drives). Dont mind negative reviews, they all expected drive having USB interface, which it does not.


I love SFF PCs, they are energy and space efficient. Few weeks ago replaced my wife's aging SFF desktop with used HP Prodesk 400 G2.5 SFF w/ 3GHz i5 4590S from Ebay for US$160 and since it came with single memory stick, I doubled it to 16GB. It came empty but HP makes it easy to recover their PCs with one download, so it has now Windows 7 Professional. Since she never turns her PC off, I installed VirtualBox and moving my intranet web server that runs dipmicro back-end, which will free-up another PC that has been dedicated to this task. i5-4590S is a 4th generation quad core Intel CPU with all bells and whistles including virtualization. S suffix means little lower performance in exchange for lower power draw. (There is also suffix T - much lower performance, with much lower power draw).

Her PC had about 20W idle consumption originally with single and 23W with two memory sticks. It goes up to 62W while playing Crysis 2, and Crysis 2 runs way faster than own aged PC. I can fit more virtual containers on it, perhaps to run a dipmicro main website, emailserver, PBX, etc without much increase of my hydro bill. Adding this dual HDD with 2x 4TB HDDs would increase reliability ten-fold and would be great as network storage fileserver. There is more kick in this little 25W SFF PC powerhouse than 5kW full size rack 10yrs ago. UPS (Uninterable Power Supply) coming next.

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