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About a year ago Microchip has released new ATMEGA328PB (notice the B suffix). Its not exactly new, but I just noticed it.

Here is the appnote detailing the new features:

Not exactly sure how should I understand this: ATmega328PB is not a drop-in replacement for ATmega328 variants, but a new device. However, the functions are backward compatible with the existing ATmega328 functions.  Existing code for these devices will work in the new devices without changing existing configuration or enabling new functions. The code that is available for your existing ATmega328 variants will continue to work on the new ATmega328PB device.

It does seems like drop-in replacement.

Whats new:
  • cheaper: ATMEGA328P-AU $1.67 @ 100pcs, ATMEGA328PB-AU $1.12 @ 100pcs from MicrochipDirect
  • additional 4 I/Os (total 27)
  • additional UART with wake-up (total 2)
  • additional I2C (total 2)
  • additional 2 16-bit timers with capture (total 3)
  • additional 4 PWM channels (total 10)
  • unique serial number
  • 2% internal oscillator factory calibration (ATMEGA328P is 10%)

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