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Toy Cubby Project for Grandchildren
Hi guys,
Well this project is a little different in that it doesn't contain any electronics...yet.
It started when my beautiful granddaughter suggested " You need a light in there Papa" when we opened the toy cupboard in the lower level of our back split home. It got me thinking...I am sure I could take this underutilized storage space and make it into something better!
I cleared a full weekend with my wife and set about creating a Toy Cubby that any child would find welcoming.
My goal was to keep it a walk in as it will be a few years before she outgrows it + she has a 7 month old brother who I am sure will also enjoy the space!
I wanted to make custom shelving to showcase her toys and allow a place to sit and play or read.
I also knew that I had enough building materials around that the cost would be mainly my time.
I removed the original single shelf and put it aside to be modified.
with the cupboard gutted, I measured the small space and planned the best way to display the toys.
I built 2 custom shelves, added drywall to 2 sides of the cubby and painted the room white.
Then I completed the floor to match what I installed in the main room.
After fitting the shelves, I cut the original shelf down to give a kids height counter surface.
I add shelf paper to keep it neat and bright.
The LED light fixture lights up the room quite well!
Best of all...she loves it!
It was worth every minute to see her enjoy her new space.
It also leaves room to add electronics as well...
Bob D

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