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Pi Music Box project help
Hi guys,
I am still looking at headless options for a network audio player.
I have a music archive on USB, that will work with Kodi, but it is not the solution I am looking for.
The Pi Music box has most all that I am looking for, but there appears to be many ways of doing this.
I really like this project here, and may go with this Pi Zero option:
Here is the link to Western Digital product:
Here is the link to the description and set up:
This option also allows a Jukebox type selection as more than one can access the player at the same time and cue up the next songs.

Note that I am looking to avoid a streaming service, I want to use a music archive.
I also want to access the songs and playlists with my Android using the network connection.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this , and may need some help with setting this up...depending on which option I go with.

I have a friend in the US that can order the Western Digital unit, but it is out of stock now.

Bob D
Bob, if this is one off project you would like to just have instead of enjoy designing, and WD has everything you need, go for WD. It does not say what kind of network it has (wired, wireless?) Since it has USB, what is the purpose of 300GB HDD ?

Btw. even a router with USB support should be able to do what you need.
Hi Roman,
From what I understand the system uses a wireless USB network connection. I am reading through all the tutorials online now.
I like the headless option, and the fact the WD drive can handle 9 times my current music library.
I also like the fact that more than one can connect to the Jukebox and pick songs to play.
It will be a learning experience either way, and it sounds like it has all that I am looking for.
Bob D
Hi guys,
I have a WD with Pi 0 on order. I also downloaded the software and loaded on a card.
i understand what needs to be done to make the project, so when it arrives it should be fairly straight forward.
I will likely look at purchasing a better audio board for the Pi, but not until I get things working the way I hope it will.
The wife and i love our music...we always have it playing in the foreground and the background @ home, in the car and away.
I will keep the group updated,
Bob D
Hi guys,
Still working away at the WDLabs Pi Node0.
-my issue now is getting the 802.llN USB dongle working for wlan0  as it is not associated...when I hover over it.
--Do you know if the one you provided me with Roman is compatible with the Pi series?
--it came with the Orange Pi from you a while back
-I have my Pi3 connected to a wired connection and I am trying to download Gparted as I will need that to partition the WDNode0 drive.
--I tried several mirrors and the direct link with no luck.
-it always seams like a simple line i the project instructions sets me back hours trying to figure things out.
Oh well, I will keep trying...
Bob D
Hi again,
Figured out Gparted after watching the tutorial and formatted the WD -ok
Took the 20+ gig of music from my USB stick and it is now loading on the WD drive -ok
I had already loaded the Pi Musicbox on a separate 4 gig card, so I then added the wifi network and password info and saved .ini file -ok
SO...after all the music files are loaded, it will be time to get the wlan0 USB wifi dongle working...that is where I will need the help Undecided 
My theory at this point is to go back to my Pi3 and try to get the files I need and save it to a document so I can cut and paste code.
-i was typing it all out the other night and that was not fun...especially when i had to go back and change regional and keyboard settings.
-that wasted some time as well.
I will keep posting my "progress", but wonder if Best Buy might have a more compatible USB 802.llN dongle for the Pi?
-maybe you might know Roman, or have had success with the one you gave me?
Bob D
Hi guys,
I picked up a USB to 3.5mm audio dongle and an Edimax N150 and gave it a try.
Still no luck with the wlan0.
I am searching the troubles reported to see if i can find a solution.
-I am going to connect it to my Pi 3 so I have a wired network connection and can copy and paste possible code tests and solutions.
I will let you know if I make any progress.
Bob D
Hi guys,
Just a small update, I am catching on a bit to Pi and command line and changing files to suite a particular need.
I like what I see, and doing a search reveals many possible solutions that are freely available. There is amazing power in the command line!
Still no music out of the Pi Node Zero, but I will keep at it until I get it right.
Bob D

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