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Automated PIR Mini-Bar Light
I re-purposed a storage area in our back-split home to create a small Mini-Bar. I needed a beverage fridge in our main family room and wanted to have a small area to prepare drinks or open a new bottle of wine. Glass storage along with RGB ambient lighting highlight a few favorites that share a green packaging. The tumblers have a golden color light so it reminds me of the "Crown" that may have occupied it. The home audio system is also built into wall with full service  access in the "cubby" behind the fridge.
The audio system feeds the rest of the house as well with impedance matched volume controls, IR and wired remote control.That is a separate project though.

Attached Files
.jpg   Mini bar PIR OH light as done BD.jpg (Size: 15.6 KB / Downloads: 74)
.jpg   Mini bar PIR lighting as done BD.jpg (Size: 16.68 KB / Downloads: 74)
Very nice Bob. I can't imagine all the cool stuff that is in the rest of your house.
Keep on posting your stuff, I would love to see more.
I like a red wine in the fall and winter. My favorite was an Australian Shiraz. Now I prefer a Chilean Shiraz, it is cheaper and just as good.
I will be posting more today as I am enjoying this forum very much.
My wife enjoys wine; I am more a beer guy...I think that is why the Genny Cream and Dos Equis are front and center.
But the tumblers are my friend as well...that is why I light them with a golden hue via RGB leds that are built into the shelf itself.
Bob D

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