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Arduino + Android Home Automation project
Hello again; today I will set about describing where I am at with a basic Arduino based system to control my Whole house audio and some accent lighting. 
This uses the Android app "Arduino Controller Pro" by Marquesoft  I found it straight forward to adapt Mark's example code to my needs. I did enlist his help at one point as I was having issues with using the faders.
Thanks Mark !
An Arduino Uno with Erthernet shield is used in conjunction with the Android app.
System components:
-I have in-ceiling speakers installed in most rooms of my home along with impedance matched volume controls. These controls allow more speakers to be installed on a system without causing issues with too low of an impedance at the distribution amplifier.
-Sherwood RX-5502 receiver + Pioneer 101 disc CD (IR controlled through app) + older Ipod with dock( use playlists mainly) comprise the audio sources
-Bar Fridge light is PWM controlled through app  
-Curio cabinet accent light PWM controlled through app
-Workbench light PWM controlled through app
-a feed from the Sherwood is also sent to my outdoor system in my garage and back yard
-I am very happy with the function of this app with my current set up and will make additions in the future 
-I only activate the network module when needed for a party or if we want system control from outside. 
-I can use two Android devices at the same time which is handy
-I was able to get the feedback polling working using the update status button- helps to know what the current levels of the lights are at.
--the faders don't respond with the current status update, but can be used to raise or lower levels as needed  
-I have a hard wired Arduino control as well for remote control of the audio system which is handy for basic power on , favorite FM in the morning
-in the image of the prototype the Electric Imp and the Channel Master keypad are not connected to anything.

Attached Files
.jpg   Home Control screen shot.JPG (Size: 108.59 KB / Downloads: 62)
.jpg   Audio components in shelf.JPG (Size: 82.5 KB / Downloads: 56)
.jpg   Home automation prototype image BD.JPG (Size: 113.13 KB / Downloads: 63)
Very nice Bob. I would like to fill my house with electronic circuits too. As a beginning I would like advice on first the central power supply. What I should use, tips on wire through the whole house, etc. If I wanted to power a 12v powered led lighting system on the ceiling of my bedroom. Would it be best to tap into the ac and convert to 12v dc or just make a central 12v dc supply. Considering I would like to do this to many rooms. A problem I have is easy way to hide wire to power supply from light on ceiling. Nice app to have control things. Maybe we can all design together, a perfect home automation system that is easy to maintenance and add to. Maybe this thread to show you how to do it from beginning to end.
I have a central system right now - dc power supply and a battery charger on +12 and -12v batteries - power is distributed on 14/3 to my power subpanels and each feed will drop onto the batteries if the main power goes away. at the dc subpanels I have fuses for each circuit and control relays the same as the 120/240v versions of the subpanels. Right now each end circuit is only carrying 1-2amps so the main subfeeds may seem small at 14/2 but they really don't have more than about 5amp each with everything on. the +12 -12 and 120/240 was chosen so that I can use 14/3 to sub feed things instead of 2x 14/2 for the same amount of power. Nothing that is on the power circuits is sensitive to a bit of voltage drop either.

Planned but no time for upgrades include - better battery manager so I know if they have problems, switchmode vs transformer main power, and more redundancy in the 12v control power - not really setup right currently.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.

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