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Display flasher ATTiny85
Hello again, this was a request from a family member to light up a display that he had. I used an Arduino Uno to do the original program and testing; then I ported it to the ATTiny85 which is a neat 8 pin DIP I try to use when I can.
Special thanks to :
Author: Alex from Inside Gadgets (
Pin Change Interrupt Example
Version: 1.0
Created: 25/02/2011
It was easy to adapt his ATTiny85 sleep example to work as I needed for this display.
I measured 9 uA when in sleep mode; the show lasts about 30 seconds .
The main power and start buttons can be reached under the display.
A PIR could have been added, but in this case simple was better.
Note that the ATTiny85 pin numbering can be confusing so keep notes in your code header.
Bob D

Attached Files
.jpg   Display flasher both on BD.JPG (Size: 73.06 KB / Downloads: 41)
.jpg   Display flasher jumbo LED's BD.JPG (Size: 70.13 KB / Downloads: 46)
.jpg   Display flasher left lit BD.JPG (Size: 87.13 KB / Downloads: 35)
.jpg   Display flasher parts and schematic BD.JPG (Size: 65.28 KB / Downloads: 46)
.jpg   Display flasher back view BD.JPG (Size: 70.94 KB / Downloads: 43)
Very nice Bob. Very cheap to make if you don't have to use an uno. How do you get the code into that ATTiny85?
Also, what kind of show does that put off.
Hi Darrin, 
I use the Arduino to program the ATTiny85. 
Open Arduino
select "Tools"
select "Programmer"
select "Arduino as ISP"
The output is connected to a board I made with a ZIF socket that makes it easy to pop the DIP chip in and out for programming.  
I housed this in an Ipod case which holds spare ATTiny 85 and ATTiny 84 chips.
Note that the one end is for the 85 chip and the opposite end is wired for the 84 chip.

The light goes through right signal flashing , then brake light effect and the left signal flashing . 
It then shuts down until triggered again. 
It was more of a gimmick for my Brother in law Brian to use at his Flea market stall.

Bob D

Attached Files
.jpg   ATTiny 85 programmer BD.JPG (Size: 105.3 KB / Downloads: 46)
.jpg   ATTiny85 programmer diagram BD.JPG (Size: 35.46 KB / Downloads: 55)
Thanks Bob for the lesson. That little chip seems amazing, what it can do in such a tiny package. I will have to grab a bunch and experiment with them. IT can run on 3 volts, low power consumption and 2 pwm pins.
Brian you mention isn't "cable Brian" from Thorold by any chance is it ?
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Hi Jon, 
No, the Brian that I am talking about is from St Catharines.
Bob D
Hi Bob, going to start a project using the atiny85.

I followed all steps to get the arduino to connect to the atiny, by this post

Now when I upload the arduino isp example it says
Serial was not declared in this scope. Have you came across this problem

#define SERIAL Serial

Maybe you can point me towards the library you used.
The serial library doesn't work with the ATiny 85 from what I recall.
You will have to search attiny85 with serial to confirm.
Sotware serial may be an option?
Bob D
Thanks Bob. Found problem. Just bad instructions. I was uploading Arduino ISP to atiny board when I should of uploaded it to arduino uno. Works now, thanks.

And thanks for introducing me to this chip. many possibilities for this thing.
I had occasion to look at these recently as well, as a way of unifying and making bus capable other sensors. eg: i2c interface for a ds18b20, or reducing the math overhead on a bmp180
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.

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