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Looking for Internet Service Provider in Niagara Falls
My DSL internet connection is getting problematic. We experience frequent occasions where internet comes to its knees, downstream is fine, upstream lot of dropped packets.

Maximum ADSL I can get here is 15/1, just 10/1 on speedtest, VDSL is out of the question. Here are my readings:

SNR Margin : 7.8 7.9 db
Line Attenuation : 32.9 17.0 db
Data Rate : 12288 1085 kbps
Max Rate : 16808 1125 kbps
POWER : 19.5 11.3 dbm
CRC : 13 0

So looking for cable provider. I am currently with and one option is to switch to their cable service.
I do not know Roman. All that I know is that I have always been with cogeco, and its always high speed and it very rarely goes down. And if it does, it ain't off for that long.
I have had better experience with cable than with dsl, but here your only choice is cogeco. You can buy tarriff'd reseller packages but bottom line the wires are still cogeco so if they are down you are down, period.

First off on the dsl side I am at about 9500 cable feet so right there is why I am in a bad location - most of the surrounding area has been rebuilt with Fttn but not the little area I live in so yeah it sucks (if I was 10000 feet out it would have qualified for a repeater when I had T1's and dsl just doesn't have the reach at any kind of speed, plus the lines are ancient and just not up to the job.

Cable outside plant is much more modern and got new amps and tttn less than 20 years ago, so right off the hop at my location its more modern. Cable also have equivalent of sonet rings in their fibre runs where bell is straight line copper out from the dslam which is usually much further than the fttn node. So that helps reliability immensely unles the problem is very local.

Cogeco has rebuilt their internet feed less than 2 years ago. Niagara used to be fed from Welland Avenue in st Catharines near midtown plaza, from I believe what is now the Hydro one networks fibre trunk coming into downtown along the railway. They just built a new building on Pine street in Thorold (very covertly, no signage at all) This ties into the Bell CO about a block away and I believe it picks up the old istar/psi (now cogent) fibre at the repeater which always sat here in thorold for the main buffalo/toronto fibre link that comes through the tunnel right next to the CO itself.

So for me that was good news -fibre uplink is very close to the fttn pop near me and very short copper from there to my house. So not much cable and most of its fibre, good speed, and good reliability.

That said, Thorold had a major power outage this week during the night and I know in niagara falls at the time internet and cogeco phone were out, but tv was on (its fed from fonthill still afaik) so something somewhere between that uplink building and niagara falls is on a repeater or switch that did not have battery backup working.

Please note, the information above may not be 100% accurate as internet providers don't generally just tell you all this information, but its stuff I have found out over the years.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Darrin, I been with Cogeco for 6-7yrs before realizing you do not get any better service by paying their price.

Jon, from what I read Cogeco is one of the few family owned dinosaurs among telco companies with CEO's only qualification being getting born into family business. But hey, who says the public companies with elected CEOs do any better (anyone thinks BlackBerry Inc. ?)

Let's see how Cogeco stacks up to their resellers:

Cogeco 40/10/175G - $65/m 30/10/200G - $50/m or 30/10/unl - $65/m 40/10/250G - $47/m or 40/10/500G - $58/m

Teksavvy 30/10/400G - $58

Advantage of Cogeco is you do not need to pay for modem as they include it and first 6 months are discounted. Disadvantage is 175G/m is low and they lock you up in a contract with $75 disconnect fee. Cogeco charges $1.50/GB if you go over while other charge $0.50/GB
I know cogeco is expensive. I have the fastest speed and I get 425G/m for $102 with tax. Since we cut the cord on cable we stream everything. This alone would be more then enough, but my step son downloads 50G games all the time and we come close to going over every month. If I want unlimited at my speed it will cost me another $40/m
I have 50 down 10 up unlimited and its under 100/month, I compared and by the time you factor the modem, its within a few bucks a month. One thing I did not like with resellers on bell is they always blame bell for the problems and if you call out bell on a reseller line you get billed for the repair, doesn't matter whose fault it is there is a problem. That is unfair and not well explained up front. Bell outside plant is old in most areas, and you do have problems with long fast dsl - period.

So I would rather deal with the actual carrier and then they have no one else to blame for the problems and that's worth something.

you missed iktel as a reseller right in the falls too.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
(2016-01-24, 09:58 AM)jon Wrote: you missed iktel as a reseller right in the falls too.

IKTEL ... I been with them for about 2yrs (which is probably more than anyone else) and even though tried to be understanding, my patience had run out in 2013

Before IKTEL been with Cogeco for many years throughout multiple addresses.

But perhaps my issues are related to crappy TP-LINK ADSL modem/router. Also my Cisco (Linksys) WiFI router is giving me trouble requiring power down at least once per week.
Darrin, you must have Ultimate 120 (425G cap), if that is the case you should be paying $95/m ?

If you are already paying $102+tax, and it does not bother you paying so much, perhaps you can switch to Ultimate 60 Unlimited and not worry about caps anymore.

I think you guys are paying too much, unless you also use the connections for business.

All my hosting is outsourced so I currently spend very little bandwidth for business even though my store back-end runs right here with constant polling to store front-end, ebay and paypal, it needs under 1GB/day including nightly backup download. For example this forum is hosted on same server in Atlanta, GA with 1Gbps connection to internet and 5TB/m cap - costing less than USD $50/m. If I were hosting it here the hydro alone would cost $25/m.
What about Cell service ? Wind seems like a great deal but many areas I would be in are in their "orange" area, so I might or might not be paying by the minute - others experience with this ? How do you buy a service but have such an unknown about the coverage and if you will be charged?
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Cell is good for backup connection. I get 5GB/month and after that speed drops to 250kbps

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