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Looking for Internet Service Provider in Niagara Falls
That too, but I meant I am looking for a new cell provider - I am tired of paying bell the guy off the street rates when I know there are corporate plans for 2/3 of what I pay with more stuff included.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
I have had one phone with Wind for 4yrs, another line for about 1yr. They have now Unlimited Everything plan, which looks pretty good. I get 4 bars almost everywhere in Niagara Falls and St Catharines, not sure about Thorold though. They might have added some towers on the US side, because last week I got 3-4 bars on Military Rd in Niagara Falls, NY

I barely use the other phone, some 10-20min/month, so I cancelled 2nd line few months ago and got Speakout Wireless prepaid. When prepaid $100, they top $125 and credit lasts 365 days. It costs $0.25 per minute or $0.15 for text, incoming texts are not billed. It comes with voicemail included and you can check it from any line without spending minutes. Fixed costs for the line is $1.25/m for 911 service, so with my 10-20min and 10-15 texts per month stretch the $100 top-up for entire year. Everytime you top-up, even $25, it extends the credit for another year.
With wind and the partners does the phone just roam or can you force it to stay only on wind ?

My house is very close to a weird hole in their coverage map which makes no sense really since there is nothing geographic that would limit that area.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
You can set the phone to stick to Wind Home so when you want to go to Wind Away you need to switch it manually. Not sure if this is done on Android or under your Wind account online, most likely the latter.
I pay $102 with tax. I think its too much especially since I really need unlimited. What service are you with Jon. That you get 50M/s down unlimited for under $100. Not sure how much video streaming takes, but 3 of us could be streaming HD vids at once, is 50M/s fast enough?
That's just a regular cogeco package. I have never gone over 4mb/sec streaming 2 at once, 50 down should support 10+ heavy users at a time. I wanted the 10up, not the 50down.

Note though, wifi falls apart way before the modem speeds :
- getting 75%-80% of a rated speed is great when you account for collisions (on any media)
- wifi is not exclusive switched access, its like a hub that you share the bandwidth on with all your neighbours on the same or close channels - this just kills it when you are all streaming.
- there is background noise and many more protocol packets taking up bandwidth than on cat5/6 cable
- wifi scales back speed automatically when you get further away, and all nodes suffer.

If you don't have a cable out to your heaviest use devices consider it.

Have you used cacti or mrtg to see what you are actually using and your error stats ? It might surprise you.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Called Cogeco sales, first they said they were willing to price-match the competition but after giving her my info she said the online prices and bandwidth limits are the best they can offer. Why do they do that?

Will stay with and switching to their cable service, just looking for DOCSIS 3.0 modem from their approved list. Have DCM425, which is however only good for their 15/2 connection.
Cable is on. Measurements slightly over connection specs - 15.6 / 2.1 Mbps. This is already improvement from my ADSL2 15/1 that was only measured 10/0.8.
I think you will be a lot happier with the long term performance of cable vs dsl where you live. Phone wiring in your area is even older than my area I think and its not getting any better with each year that goes by.

All the large customers funding the network are either on t1 or fibre for the voice calls so the wire quality on the analog lines doesn't matter and there is no push to improve it, not to mention all the lines shifting to cell and voip are calling for even less demand on Bell's copper infrastructure, so there is no money or reason for them to fix it. Dsl is great in cities where its a new area, fttn is in place and the copper runs are all new and short. In older areas - forget it.
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If things weren't meant to be modified, they would not come with wires attached.
Have been on cable for a month now and it's definitely way better than my DSL:

12ms ping is great, more than double upstream speed and solid flat 15.5Mbps on Saturday noon for the same base price as ADSL. I also have $15/m unlimited add-on so can go as high as 4.8TB down and 650GB up per month. Considering going $10/m extra for 30/10 (will need new modem) and host this site and few others on some fruits (raspberry, orange, banana, etc) in my office. It's not about cost, have couple plans with these pay one-time company (btw. not greatest host, may not stick around even if I have it "for life". The "one-time" seems more like availability promise than anything else), but more for a "cool factor".

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