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Looking for Internet Service Provider in Niagara Falls
Sometimes in the middle of last year has lowered the unlimited add-on to $10 so I was paying $40+$10=$50 for 15/2/unlimited connection. There were zero problems with connection and speed was consistent, only problems were with site congestions on the servers we frequent. Nothing a fast connection can help with.

As of beginning of this year has lowered their pricing and made all cable connections unlimited except 15/2. There was no point in unlimited option for 15/2 since next one up 40/10 is only $10/m more. They were nice enough to send me an email early January offering to switch to 40/10, since its same price I was already paying.

Finally went out and got brand new TC4300 modem (when Technicolor acquired Thompson they retained hardware of DCM476 and changed name to TC4300 so its basically same modem) and very happy with my connection.

Btw. to keep my reputation of power consumption diligency, I admit I looked for power specifications before buying the modem and favored TC4300 before much more advanced Hitron due to two facts:

1) TC4300 needs only around 8-10W of power (= approx $1.50/m)
2) Hitron is not recommended for wall-mount since it runs hotter and due to unfortunate design choice wall mount would cover cooling holes unless mounted on some kind of standoffs

Been running TC4300 for a week and did not notice any connection drops. It it currently sitting on the floor, lukeworm on the top, cool on the bottom. It has ventilation holes all over itself, and about 5mm standoffs molded on the bottom side of case, so even when wall-mounted, there will be opening left between wall and modem plus most heat seems to exit via top.

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