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Making Your Own PCB
This video shows many tips on making your own PCB.  He has quite of few nice gadgets to make this so much easier.
Bob has interest in this as well as me.   maybe you other guys may get a tip out of this.

Here is his conversion of light very nice.
I usually photo my boards. Take circuit and copy on to printer. Adjust print size to its actual size. I then print this on to clear overhead film, Let dry  and place on photo sensitive board.Expose for about 5 minutes under ultra violet light. Then put board into developer. Wash in water after developed and place in etching solution. Comes out very good.  Tom B
Hi Tom,
This is an area that I would definitely like more experience.
I think I have watched too many Youtube videos Sad and am unsure which will be the best method for me to use.
There was talk of possible demo at a meet up some time, so maybe this will be the catalyst.
Bob D

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